Swoon-Worthy Engagement Ring Inspiration From The Bachelorette

Whether you love, love, love or totally avoid watching The Bachelorette each season, you must admit that the fashion and jewelry featured on the show are nothing less than inspirational. Of course, the amazing engagement rings presented to the suitors by famed jeweler Neil Lane make for a sparkling and breathtaking finale!

Photo credit: peoplestylewatch.com

Photo credit: peoplestylewatch.com

This year’s winner/groom-to-be was Shawn Booth, who selected a stunning 3.5-carat diamond and platinum ring. Set with a central round, brilliant-cut diamond and surrounded by 160 smaller diamonds in an entwined band, the hand-crafted piece was a beautiful masterpiece. Of course, Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe was wowed by the ring and by Shawn and said yes!

Photo credit: peoplestylewatch.com

Photo credit: peoplestylewatch.com

Obviously, not everyone can afford this exact ring, but we thought you would enjoy checking out the shape and style for your own engagement ring inspiration.

Rain On Your Wedding Day!

Brides and grooms planning an outdoor wedding tend to obsess over the weather. Perfectly blue skies and a bright sun equal the only acceptable scenario for this special day, right?

Not necessarily! The key is to be creative and to remain calm. Here are some ideas!


1. Be decisive: Do not agonize over what you’re going to do about the weather, or how you’re going to cope with the rain. Decide early on what you want to do if it’s raining and stick to the plan.

You want your ceremony outside? Have it outside and tell guests to bring umbrellas.  If you would prefer to move the wedding indoors, go ahead with that plan. Don’t agonize over the decision,  just do what will make you happy!

2. Trust your vendors: You hired professionals who are familiar with your venue, their specialty area, and the local weather. Trust them to do what they are good at. Some will even enjoy the challenge!

3. Be prepared: If rain is in the forecast, go buy matching umbrellas for your wedding party and some cute rain boots! Take advantage of some cute rainy day photo opportunities!

4. Appreciate the rain. There really are a few positives:

The color saturation in your photos is going to be beautiful in overcast or rainy weather.

There will be an amazing sense of bonding amongst your guests when they all have to endure the rainy weather together.

The rain will only make the happy couple shine even brighter.

Nobody will forget watching two people declare their love in the rain. Your day will be amazingly unforgettable!


We Now Have Wedding TOMS! Yay!

Want to be fashion-forward, comfy, and charitable for your wedding? Check out our new TOMS’ wedding collection!


When you buy a pair of TOMS shoes you’re also helping improve the health, education and well-being of a child. TOMS was started in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie after witnessing the extreme poverty and health conditions in Argentina. He started the One for One initiative which makes the commitment to match every pair of TOMS shoes purchased with a new pair of shoes to a child in need.

In its first year, TOMS sold 10,000 pairs of shoes. They reached their one millionth pair of shoes in September 2010! TOMS now has a presence in over 50 countries and works with charitable partners who incorporate shoes into their health, education, hygiene and community development programs.


Although TOMS started with its popular flats offering, they have now expanded their collection to include more of a variety, including wedges and sunglasses. The TOMS wedding collection, now available at Blush Bridal Boutique, is stylish and casual with sizes that range from youth to adult. So even the flower girls and ring bearers can participate in your TOMS wedding!

TOMS offers different prints and styles. Bridal shoes include white, ivory, blue, silver and pink colors in canvas, crochet and glitter materials. Wondering what gift to get your wedding party? TOMS shoes make great wedding party gifts for your bridesmaids and will be worn long after the event is over!


Wedding Dads: What To Wear

This week, I was approached with a question that I thought was important enough to be addressed: What exactly should a dad wear to the wedding of his son or daughter? Seems simple enough to tell dads to dress up, but should they match the actual wedding party?

fobNo! Dads are not to be dressed exactly like the groomsmen, as they are not technically members of the wedding party. The key here is to dress dads in keeping with the appropriate level of formality for the event. So if the groomsmen are in black tuxedos with green accessories, dads should wear tuxedos, but not the same one and not with the exact same accessories as the groomsmen.

The dads are also not required to match each other. So using the previous scenario (black tuxes and green vests and ties for the groomsmen), perhaps the father of the bride could wear a black tuxedo with black accessories and the father of the groom could wear a black tuxedo with silver-gray accessories to match his wife’s dress. The dads should wear styles that they love and that feel comfortable to them.

Their tuxedo jacket could be single or double breasted, and could have peaked, notched, or shawl lapels. Their accessories could be patterned or in a hue that coordinates with the gown their date selects. The important thing is that the dads are happy with their fashion choices.

Parents are traditionally the hosts of a wedding, or at least honored guests if the couple decides to host the event themselves. They should not be told what to wear specifically, but should always be given helpful guidelines (black tie, semi-formal, formal, ultra-formal, etc.).




Wedding Gown Trains: Advice From The Experts

Shopping for wedding gowns can be fun, but overwhelming, and selecting a train length is just one more decision that a bride will need to make. Brides can, however, breathe a sigh of relief. This decision is all about common sense and personal preference!

Obviously, a longer, more regal train length equals a super-formal look. If that is truly the style of your wedding, go for a long train! Just be sure to have a plan regarding what to do with the long train later in the day (for instance, when you want to dance)! In most cases, a seamstress can add hooks to the gown to allow the train to be bustled, or lifted off the floor. There are a few different bustle styles, and an experienced seamstress should be able to guide you through the process of selecting the right one for your wedding gown.

If your wedding is on the other end of the formality spectrum, for instance a beach wedding or a casual backyard wedding, you may forgo a train completely, or wear a dress with a very short train.

If your event falls somewhere in the middle of the formality spectrum, the train length is truly just a matter of preference.

Here are some of the most common train lengths available:

Brush or Sweep: reaches just to the floor beneath your dress hem, “brushing” the floor as you walk. Perfect for beach, outdoor, or casual weddings. This train length is easiest to move in.

Court: a short train that attaches at waist and extends only one to two feet behind gown.

Chapel: formal to semi-formal style, attaches at waist and extends three to four feet behind gown.

Cathedral: attached at waist, extends dramatically for six to eight feet behind the gown. Often chosen for ultra-formal weddings.

Castillion: a French-inspired very long train of at least ten feet.

Royal: also sometimes called a “Monarch” train, since this look is popular in royal weddings. This train extends 10 or more feet from its attachment position at the waist.

Panel: this type of train isn’t part of the dress, but rather a separate panel of fabric about a foot wide that trails behind the dress. Usually detachable, panel trains can be made into any length desired. Some brides who buy their dress and later decide they want a train can have a professional create a customized panel train for them.

Watteau: worn from the shoulders and draping down to the bottom hem of the dress, the Watteau train dramatically alters a bride’s silhouette and can lend an almost Grecian feel to the dress. This unconventional choice is a good alternative to a veil for brides who don’t want to cover up their hairstyle but still have the look of a long, flowing veil. Bridesmaids’ dresses with Watteau trains are also very pretty.


Wedding Tuxedos 101: Dressing Your Men For The Big Day

Once you have picked your wedding colors and the groomsmen for your wedding party, it is time to select tuxedos. Finding tuxedos for your wedding party is an easy item to check off your to-do list, and gives your groom a pivotal role in the wedding planning process.


For starters, have all of your men measured as soon as you pick out the tuxedos (the ring bearer should wait until one month out to ensure his growing body fits his tuxedo).

Most tuxedo shops work with out of town wedding members; don’t let that be an excuse for tardy measurements. Here’s a crash course in Tuxedos 101 to ensure you pick the right look for your wedding party.

Lesson 1: Tuxedo Jackets

When selecting a tuxedo jacket pay close attention to the number of buttons and the lapel. Basic styles will have between one and three buttons. Two button styles are most common, due to their ability to look great on a number of body shapes and sizes. The most common lapel choices are notched and peak. Peak lapels are very popular on the red carpet right now but notched lapels
are still most common in weddings. Next pay attention to the detail on the coat. Traditional black is most popular followed closely by a shadow stripe detail. Chocolate tuxedos have emerged in full force and gray tuxes have also recently become popular. Sand is another color option and is great for beach weddings!

Lesson 2: Shirts

When selecting a shirt pay attention to the collar. A lay down collar is most common with a long tie but the wing collar is also a choice. You also usually have the choice of white, ivory or black shirts.

Lesson 3: Ties

When selecting a tie you must choose between a bow tie and long tie. The long tie, typically a Windsor (typical suit tie) instead of an ascot, is the most popular choice. Traditionally most long ties worn for weddings are solids but now many striped and other patterns are offered.

Lesson 4: Vests

Most vests are 5 buttons and are either a full back or bib style. Bib styles work well with some jacket styles. Some wedding parties are opting for patterned or metallic vests, designed to coordinate with bridesmaids’ dresses. Cummerbunds are a less popular choice, but they are usually available in a limited color selection.

Lesson 5: Other Accessories

Shoes and cufflinks are also commonly included with tuxedo rentals. Be sure everyone in your party rents shoes to keep a consistent look. A mixture of patent leather and matte finish shoes will be noticeable by your guests and visible in pictures. Pocket squares that coordinate with the vest and tie are also a popular accessory that finishes off a tuxedo.

Lesson 6: The Rules

All tuxedos should be rented from the same vendor and any man who will be in many of your wedding pictures should be in a tuxedo to ensure a consistent look across your wedding party and in the pictures you are taking to create memories. This means if grandfathers will be in many of the pictures they should wear a tuxedo, too. It is a good overall look for any man with a role in the wedding to be in a tuxedo.

The groom’s vest, tie and shirt color usually matches the bride’s dress color, usually white or ivory. The groomsmen’s vest and ties match the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses. The ring bearer matches the groom or flower girl. The ushers, fathers and grandfathers typically don vests and ties in black or silver. This is to avoid too many different colors in a small group. Again, think of how the wedding photos will look.

Traditionally, the bride and groom request that each groomsman pay for his own tuxedo. Be sure to make this clear to groomsmen so they are prepared when they are asked for payment when they are measured!

What is appropriate for my wedding?

It is important to select tuxedos that are appropriate to the style and time of your wedding! Below are some basic guidelines!

Formal evening wedding: Tuxedos, tails if very formal.
Formal daytime wedding: Tuxedos if reception will go into the evening hours or daytime cutaway coat.
Semiformal evening wedding: Black tuxedos, white dinner jacket may be substituted in very warm weather.
Semiformal daytime wedding: Dark suits, long ties.
Informal day or evening wedding: Lighter weight suits.

What about my out-of-town guys?

If your groom has selected some attendants who are
not local, you need to take control to be sure they are getting properly fitted
for the tuxedo you have selected! Once the information below is obtained, a
groomsman can call the tuxedo shop to reserve his tuxedo!


Have your out of town groomsmen go to a reputable seamstress, tailor, or tuxedo shop to be measured properly. Be sure that your groomsmen do not try to measure themselves or get a friend to measure, as the resulting errors could be very significant!

What the tuxedo shop usually needs:

To order a tuxedo for an out-of-town groomsmen, a tux shop would need the following information:

Shoe size:
Chest (over arms):
Jacket size (if known)
The typical tuxedo ordering process:

Initially, the bride and groom should visit the store to select tuxedo styles together. This should be done around three months before the wedding.

Once you visit our boutique and select your tuxedos, the tuxedo shop will help you to create a list which includes the names of all men in your wedding party who will be getting tuxedos and specific details on what they will wear. They should keep this list in your file.

As your groomsmen arrive to be measured, the shop will refer to this list. They will measure your groomsmen and request that they either pay for the tuxedo in full, or pay a deposit. Once this payment is received, the tuxedo will be ordered! This process is considered an initial fitting.

The tuxedos will usually arrive the week of your wedding. The tuxedo shop will call each groomsman once the tuxedo they ordered has arrived. They will most likely will remind each groomsman that a final fitting is required before the tuxedo is released.

As each groomsman arrives for his final fitting, he will be asked to try on the whole tuxedo so that a sales consultant may check for proper fit. If something does not quite fit, an exchange may be ordered if there is enough time before the event.

Tuxedos must usually be returned the day after the event. Many brides find it convenient to put one person (best man, mother, etc.) in charge of collecting and returning the tuxedos.

Late fees are usually charged for each day the tuxedo is late, so be sure they are returned on time!

Blush Bride Emily

We are always excited to receive pictures of our lovely brides. Candice with Candice Adelle Photography was so sweet to share her images of Emily and Cody.

Emily was one of the nicest brides we’ve had at Blush. She is very soft spoken and had a short timeframe from shopping for her gown to walking down the aisle. After only a few dresses, she knew Lydia was “The One”. Fortunately, the designer had one in production and it shipped in plenty of time for alterations.

When Emily would visit Blush, she typically would have her adorable baby girl with her.

View More: http://candiceadelle.pass.us/cullenwedding

You can just see the love shared between Emily and Cody.

View More: http://candiceadelle.pass.us/cullenwedding

View More: http://candiceadelle.pass.us/cullenwedding

View More: http://candiceadelle.pass.us/cullenwedding

View More: http://candiceadelle.pass.us/cullenwedding

We love all the little details Candice captures as she shoots throughout the day.

View More: http://candiceadelle.pass.us/cullenwedding

When a bride is having her gown altered, we always take the time to check out her shoes! One of the most unique touches a bride adds to her wedding ensemble is her shoes. We love that Emily chose a lacy pair of Toms!

View More: http://candiceadelle.pass.us/cullenwedding

Congratulations to Emily and Cody. We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

Photographer:  Candice Adelle Photography

Venue: St. John the Apostle Roman Catholic Church

Dress: Blush Bridal Boutique

Shoes: Toms

Changing Up Your Look For The Reception

Someone asked me this week if it was acceptable for a bride to completely change her look for the reception celebration. I answered with a definite “Yes!” Once all of the formal group pictures are taken, it is completely acceptable to switch looks for the reception!

Here are a few ideas:

The bride could, of course, change from her long gown to a shorter, funkier dress that is easier to wear while dancing. A whole new dress is not mandatory, but for some brides, it is a fun idea! I definitely recommend keeping dress #2 in the white or ivory color family in order to stay visible throughout the event. Also, keep the second dress choice classy and appropriate. Just because there is dancing at the reception does not mean the bride should put on her clubwear!

short Add a pop of color or sparkle by switching accessories! Whether or not the bride switches dresses, she can add a bit of pizazz to her look with a change of belts, jewelry, hair accessories, or shoes! If adding a pop of color, be sure that it coordinates with the overall wedding color scheme.

Don a new do! If the bride wears her hair in a complicated up-do for the ceremony, she could switch to a looser side ponytail for the reception. For a variety in the wedding pictures, create a reception hairdo that is the opposite of the wedding ceremony hairdo.


Switch to comfortable shoes! If you know that the sparkle-y stillettos you wore for the ceremony are not practical for dancing, buy some pretty (and equally sparkle-y) flats for the reception! Please don’t be that bride that changes into cheap rubber flip flops (unless you are literally on the beach). And do not walk around in bare feet at your reception!

If none of these ideas appeal to you, just freshen up your ceremony look, bustle your train, and enjoy your party!

Bridal Beauty Basics

Wedding day beauty is all about being the most fabulous version of your natural self. Although the wedding day is a major event, it is important to find a look that is comfortable, long lasting, and photo-friendly.


This means that if you are usually a glamour girl, a dramatic makeup look may be the right choice. But if you normally prefer a fresh-scrubbed, natural look, a more subdued palette that plays up your features perfectly may be more appropriate.

In any case, a pretty lip tone, a healthy glowing cheek, and a dramatic lash are always appropriate. Lash extensions and false eyelashes are often featured in bridal beauty looks designed by the team at Salon Emage.


The pictures featured in this blog all include hair and makeup looks created by Salon Emage for a Blush Bridal Boutique fashion show this month.

For a more dramatic and glamorous look, a smoky eye and defined eyebrow may be added to the makeup look, or a deeper lip color may be utilized.


For bridal hair, the days of formal updos being the only choice are long over! Soft waves accented with sparkling hair accessories can be just as beautiful as more structured styles. It honestly depends upon the bride and what styles make her most comfortable.


The important thing is for brides to pre-plan their look and be open to trying out lots of different combinations. A good salon will encourage clients to schedule an appointment or two to do just this.

For more information on the services provided by Salon Emage, contact the salon at (540) 341-4052 or visit their website at http://www.salonemage.com/.

Photo credit: http://littlebluejayphotography.zenfolio.com/



“Perfect” Alterations in an Imperfect World

Wedding-Dress-AlterationI am crooked. It’s true. I learned this fact in grade school when my health teacher explained that our dominant side is decided by which hand we use most often. I am right-handed so my right side is slightly larger than my left. For the most part, I don’t really notice it, but sometimes I try on a shirt that makes it obvious that my right breast is larger than the left. I’ve also tried on shoes at the store and the right shoe is too tight, but the left fits fine and vice versa.

Like most women, I am also very critical of my body. My hips are wide and in the shape of a triangle, I have a rather large tush compared to my smaller waist, and I have a pouch regardless of the number of crunches I do. I try my best to hide my flaws in the clothing I wear which tend to be dresses because they accomplish this goal the best.

When helping a bride find her dream dress, I do my very best to find a gown that accents her best features and disguises the rest. I listen to her comments and pull gowns accordingly. Brides come in all shapes and sizes and I do not discriminate or judge. It is my job to find a dress that will make my bride love her body and feel amazing.

Once we find the dress, I have two incredible seamstresses who know their craft well. They pin, they tuck, they hem and bustle each gown to fit our bride the very best it can.

This is where my original statement comes into play: “I am crooked.” I am not alone in this. We are all crooked. During the alterations, a bride should realize if the bust is not exactly the same on both sides, it is not because the seamstress has not done her job correctly. The same goes if the waist sits higher on one side than the other. Please do not misunderstand, both seamstresses will do everything possible to make it look the same, but there is no perfection in an imperfect world.