Wedding Gown Trains: Advice From The Experts

Shopping for wedding gowns can be fun, but overwhelming, and selecting a train length is just one more decision that a bride will need to make. Brides can, however, breathe a sigh of relief. This decision is all about common sense and personal preference!

Obviously, a longer, more regal train length equals a super-formal look. If that is truly the style of your wedding, go for a long train! Just be sure to have a plan regarding what to do with the long train later in the day (for instance, when you want to dance)! In most cases, a seamstress can add hooks to the gown to allow the train to be bustled, or lifted off the floor. There are a few different bustle styles, and an experienced seamstress should be able to guide you through the process of selecting the right one for your wedding gown.

If your wedding is on the other end of the formality spectrum, for instance a beach wedding or a casual backyard wedding, you may forgo a train completely, or wear a dress with a very short train.

If your event falls somewhere in the middle of the formality spectrum, the train length is truly just a matter of preference.

Here are some of the most common train lengths available:

Brush or Sweep: reaches just to the floor beneath your dress hem, “brushing” the floor as you walk. Perfect for beach, outdoor, or casual weddings. This train length is easiest to move in.

Court: a short train that attaches at waist and extends only one to two feet behind gown.

Chapel: formal to semi-formal style, attaches at waist and extends three to four feet behind gown.

Cathedral: attached at waist, extends dramatically for six to eight feet behind the gown. Often chosen for ultra-formal weddings.

Castillion: a French-inspired very long train of at least ten feet.

Royal: also sometimes called a “Monarch” train, since this look is popular in royal weddings. This train extends 10 or more feet from its attachment position at the waist.

Panel: this type of train isn’t part of the dress, but rather a separate panel of fabric about a foot wide that trails behind the dress. Usually detachable, panel trains can be made into any length desired. Some brides who buy their dress and later decide they want a train can have a professional create a customized panel train for them.

Watteau: worn from the shoulders and draping down to the bottom hem of the dress, the Watteau train dramatically alters a bride’s silhouette and can lend an almost Grecian feel to the dress. This unconventional choice is a good alternative to a veil for brides who don’t want to cover up their hairstyle but still have the look of a long, flowing veil. Bridesmaids’ dresses with Watteau trains are also very pretty.


Changing Up Your Look For The Reception

Someone asked me this week if it was acceptable for a bride to completely change her look for the reception celebration. I answered with a definite “Yes!” Once all of the formal group pictures are taken, it is completely acceptable to switch looks for the reception!

Here are a few ideas:

The bride could, of course, change from her long gown to a shorter, funkier dress that is easier to wear while dancing. A whole new dress is not mandatory, but for some brides, it is a fun idea! I definitely recommend keeping dress #2 in the white or ivory color family in order to stay visible throughout the event. Also, keep the second dress choice classy and appropriate. Just because there is dancing at the reception does not mean the bride should put on her clubwear!

short Add a pop of color or sparkle by switching accessories! Whether or not the bride switches dresses, she can add a bit of pizazz to her look with a change of belts, jewelry, hair accessories, or shoes! If adding a pop of color, be sure that it coordinates with the overall wedding color scheme.

Don a new do! If the bride wears her hair in a complicated up-do for the ceremony, she could switch to a looser side ponytail for the reception. For a variety in the wedding pictures, create a reception hairdo that is the opposite of the wedding ceremony hairdo.


Switch to comfortable shoes! If you know that the sparkle-y stillettos you wore for the ceremony are not practical for dancing, buy some pretty (and equally sparkle-y) flats for the reception! Please don’t be that bride that changes into cheap rubber flip flops (unless you are literally on the beach). And do not walk around in bare feet at your reception!

If none of these ideas appeal to you, just freshen up your ceremony look, bustle your train, and enjoy your party!

Bridal Beauty Basics

Wedding day beauty is all about being the most fabulous version of your natural self. Although the wedding day is a major event, it is important to find a look that is comfortable, long lasting, and photo-friendly.


This means that if you are usually a glamour girl, a dramatic makeup look may be the right choice. But if you normally prefer a fresh-scrubbed, natural look, a more subdued palette that plays up your features perfectly may be more appropriate.

In any case, a pretty lip tone, a healthy glowing cheek, and a dramatic lash are always appropriate. Lash extensions and false eyelashes are often featured in bridal beauty looks designed by the team at Salon Emage.


The pictures featured in this blog all include hair and makeup looks created by Salon Emage for a Blush Bridal Boutique fashion show this month.

For a more dramatic and glamorous look, a smoky eye and defined eyebrow may be added to the makeup look, or a deeper lip color may be utilized.


For bridal hair, the days of formal updos being the only choice are long over! Soft waves accented with sparkling hair accessories can be just as beautiful as more structured styles. It honestly depends upon the bride and what styles make her most comfortable.


The important thing is for brides to pre-plan their look and be open to trying out lots of different combinations. A good salon will encourage clients to schedule an appointment or two to do just this.

For more information on the services provided by Salon Emage, contact the salon at (540) 341-4052 or visit their website at

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Designer Spotlight: Eve Muscio of Eve of Milady


Blush Bridal Boutique has a fabulous trunk show planned for November! The latest collection from Eve of Milady will be showcased November 14-16, 2014!


Known for her incredible style and great fit, Eve Muscio designs the most beautiful gowns in the industry.


Award-winning bridal designer Eve Muscio creates all of her gowns using the finest fabrics from different parts of the world and is most widely known for her incomparable designs of embroideries and laces.


Her gowns have a unique signature look that fit to perfection no matter what size, “I love all the brides that choose my gowns to feel an absolutely magical experience. I feel proud to be such an important part of their wedding day,” the designer states on her website.


Promotional pricing will be offered during this trunk show event. Call Blush to make your appointment today!

Oscar Night Inspiration For Stylish Brides

We all watch the Oscars for different reasons, right? Some love the fashion, others love the craft of film making, others love the fanfare of those gold statues being awarded to honor the best of the best.

Brides to be have a unique perspective, and can gather SOO many ideas from this one simple event! Let’s take a look at some inspirational styles that could work for wedding gowns!

Photo credt: eonline
Photo credt: eonline
Photo credit: Justin Alexander
Photo credit: Justin Alexander

Our first bridal look is based on the gown worn by Giuliana Rancic, who kicked off the E! Countdown to the Red Carpet pre-show. Rancic arrived at the Kodak Theatre looking flawless in her dazzling lace and tulle v-neck gown, sparkling heels and fabulous jewelry.

What can brides take from this look? Straps are becoming more popular, as is a lace bodice and tulle skirt. The fitted bodice and full skirt create a perfectly princess-y look! The wedding gown shown is by Justin Alexander.

Photo credit: eonline
Photo credit: eonline
Photo credit: Justin Alexander
Photo credit: Justin Alexander

Sandra Bullock looked amazing at the Oscars in her navy gown that exuded glamour. The satin gown featured a sweetheart neckline, dramatic draping and a subdued elegance that would make any actress envious. With her hair styled into sideswept curls, Bullock completed her classic look with total sophistication.

So what can brides take from this flawless look? Look for a strapless satin gown with a sweetheart neckline to achieve this beautiful Old-Hollywood look. Pleating in the bodice will help to create an hourglass shape. Of course, dramatic sideswept curls are also a great option for brides who want to exude glamour and style. The wedding gown shown is by Justin Alexander.

Bridal Market 2014: The Adventure


One of the most exciting aspects of working in a bridal and formalwear boutique is constantly seeing the latest and most amazing dress designs! The annual bridal market in Atlanta offers many such opportunities! Blush Bridal Boutique owner Maureen made the journey to Atlanta last week. She was able to soak in all that is new and fabulous in the world of wedding gowns and formal dresses, while hand selecting just the right collections for the boutique. Above is a wedding gown created with intricately beaded lace, simply perfect for the upcoming seasons.

market1Here are some beautifully beaded formal gowns in the freshest springtime hues. These would be amazing for proms, black tie events, military balls, or pageants. So pretty!

Keep watching for more previews of Blush’s latest additions!