Oscar Night Inspiration For Stylish Brides

We all watch the Oscars for different reasons, right? Some love the fashion, others love the craft of film making, others love the fanfare of those gold statues being awarded to honor the best of the best.

Brides to be have a unique perspective, and can gather SOO many ideas from this one simple event! Let’s take a look at some inspirational styles that could work for wedding gowns!

Photo credt: eonline
Photo credt: eonline
Photo credit: Justin Alexander
Photo credit: Justin Alexander

Our first bridal look is based on the gown worn by Giuliana Rancic, who kicked off the E! Countdown to the Red Carpet pre-show. Rancic arrived at the Kodak Theatre looking flawless in her dazzling lace and tulle v-neck gown, sparkling heels and fabulous jewelry.

What can brides take from this look? Straps are becoming more popular, as is a lace bodice and tulle skirt. The fitted bodice and full skirt create a perfectly princess-y look! The wedding gown shown is by Justin Alexander.

Photo credit: eonline
Photo credit: eonline
Photo credit: Justin Alexander
Photo credit: Justin Alexander

Sandra Bullock looked amazing at the Oscars in her navy gown that exuded glamour. The satin gown featured a sweetheart neckline, dramatic draping and a subdued elegance that would make any actress envious. With her hair styled into sideswept curls, Bullock completed her classic look with total sophistication.

So what can brides take from this flawless look? Look for a strapless satin gown with a sweetheart neckline to achieve this beautiful Old-Hollywood look. Pleating in the bodice will help to create an hourglass shape. Of course, dramatic sideswept curls are also a great option for brides who want to exude glamour and style. The wedding gown shown is by Justin Alexander.

Shopping For Bridesmaid Dresses: 7 Simple Tips

Your bridesmaids are a perfect collection of your favorite friends and closest family members, right? Then why is selecting a look for all of them so intimidating for the bride? With a few simple tips, brides really can avoid the drama of telling a group of differently sized and shaped girls what to wear for your big day!


Tip 1: Be firm in selecting the color scheme for your wedding FIRST. Your color scheme needs to reflect YOUR taste and YOUR vision for the day! It will be visible in your flowers, linens, invitations, cake, etc., not just in the bridesmaid dresses. Do not obsess over the fact that cousin Michelle is a tomboy and won’t like pink!

Tip 2: If you have lots of bridesmaids, pre-select dresses (available in YOUR choice of color) with just one other person. Choose someone honest like your maid of honor or a close relative like your mother. Have maybe 3-5 dresses selected that are acceptable to you BEFORE bringing lots of bridesmaids to give their thoughts.

Tip 3: This tip is really a continuation of Tip 2! Your selected dresses should ideally be by the same designer and in the same fabric if you want a perfect match for everyone! Make a decision regarding matching styles AHEAD OF TIME. Are you comfortable with your girls wearing different dresses as long as they wear your selected color? Do you want them to match in color AND style? Be firm and stick with your decision!


Tip 4: It is perfectly acceptable to select a color scheme instead of a single color! Maybe you want all of your girls in the same cocktail dress, but in different citrus hues like yellow, orange, and hot pink!

Tip 5: When dealing with girls of different shapes and sizes, A-line dresses are your friend! This dress style is the easiest to wear because it flows away from the body in the hip area. This creates the illusion of a small waist, which makes everyone happy!


Tip 6: Have fun on your group shopping day!  Don’t put your girls in dresses that you wouldn’t wear. Remind your girls that dresses ALWAYS look better in the proper size with professional alterations. Schedule a fun activity after dress shopping like a girls’ lunch or pedicures!

Tip 7: Shop at a boutique (like Blush Bridal Boutique, of course) that will offer lots of personalized attention and help everyone to remain calm and find dresses they love.